1st factory
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Our business is not making gears.
Creative work is our duty.

To create the highest quality of gears the precise data of the first stage are extremely important.
120 percent perfect design plan that is made after collecting, analysis, and calculation of huge amount of data is demanded for creative work.
The first step to produce the best quality is begining from the sellection of the most suitable raw materials.

The forefront gear cutting system
Gear cuttings by the current mainstream
of CNC hobbing machine, various drill grinding,
and cutting with computer key controll
are operated by experienced staff
by using the most advanced technology.

Cutting by hobbing machine Tool maintenance
by hobgrinding machine
Shaft gears cutting
by hobbing machine
Full automated shaving process Cutting by hobbing machine Lathe by 2-spindle specifications

2nd factory
After the gear cutting process in the 2nd plant, finishing the hardening process, the production line reaches the grinding process in the main plant that is the second stage of the flow.

Finishing the gear grinding process where is vital for gears, the next is strict examination by the micron unit.

That is the world where there is no room for compromise on the strength, hardness, and the out of roundness of gears.
In other words, it is like a struggle pursuing the perfection that is similar to the pride of craftmen.

Only well-grinded perfect gears passing final inspection are shiped to customers from the main plant equiped with the newest air conditioner.

High precise finishing systems pursuiting high quality
Hardening processed products conducted grinding at the main plant
are carried to the final examination section.
The tester can read micron unit that human can't by his eyes,
and it excludes every compromise.
Strict final examination to provide high quality gears to customers
is conducted in this stage and we think that is a matter of course.
We take pride in doing proper thing with assurance,
and we believe that attitude lead to the confidence from customers.

grinding by grinding machine Internal grinding by grinding machine grinding by grinding machine
grinding by grinding machine grinding by grinding machine
*One additional*
grinding by grinding machine
Outer diameter grinding
by cylindrical grinding machine
Final inspection by tester Measurement of
contour shape error
coming soon
grinding by GT-130
coming soon